Hardwood flooring facts

Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for a rustic décor set, a durable surface, or the most extended lifespan available for your new flooring. You'll appreciate all these benefits when you choose from this flooring line, so learning more about it as you shop is worth your time. Here are some facts that will equip you to make a fantastic choice for your upcoming remodel.

Choosing durability

If you’re looking for the highest level of durability, the best place to start is the hardwood species. Some are much harder than others, so you’ll get wood floors with more dent, ding, and scratch resistance, even with pets and children in the home. Adding the perfect sealant and finish adds more protection, and you can add even more with a few well-placed area rugs or runners in spaces with the highest traffic levels.

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Choosing visual appeal

Wood floors offer extensive customization options, including species visuals, stain colors, textured finishes, and installation layouts. Layering specific visuals gives you different results to match any décor scheme. Take your personalization even further with various board widths, lengths, inlays, and hardwood flooring borders, or consider customized mosaics.

What about wood flooring installation?

The hardwood installation process begins with acclimation, which works to equalize humidity levels between the flooring and the space where the installation will occur. Acclimation takes one to three days, but it's a necessary part of the process that prevents splitting, warping, and cupping. It’s also required for most warranties to remain valid, so it’s part of every professional installation. Once you choose your hardwood flooring, we'll give you all the details about pre-installation, installation, and aftercare. If you have questions about solid or engineered wood flooring, this is a great time to ask them. We’ll always be available for ongoing support and answers.
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